1. Hey Matt, it’s a while since I tried Goodreads advertising (I was pretty underwhelmed), but is it possible to insert a trackable URL as the destination URL (i.e. either a bit.ly link or an Amazon link with an affiliate code imbedded – or both)?

    • Hi Dave. I know you can enter a bit.ly link at the ad creation stage, but I haven’t tried to get it approved…I don’t think GR makes revenue off of their own affiliate links, but they might, which would imply they’d quash your link. I can’t find anything in their policy (http://www.goodreads.com/help/show/what_can_i_link_my_ad_to) that says so, though.

      The other (minor, aesthetic) issue is that the “green” link at the bottom of your ad is the click-through link’s domain that you chose for the title. So, if you choose a bit.ly link, “bit.ly” is displayed in bright green letters at the bottom of the ad. Might not bother some people, might bother others.

      Addendum: It occurred to me that a straight Amazon affiliate link would simply display “www.amazon.com” at the bottom, which–as opposed to a bit.ly–readers may be more inclined to trust. And since you get click-through metrics from GR, you could cobble together your own tracking while still making the most of an affiliate link. Cake, and eat it, too.

    • Ah…nice. Knew the first, not the second. Yes, if you could make it more user-acceptable as opposed to the bit.ly-to-nowhere, you’ll move past the sticking point for many people.

  2. Anonymous

    These people are disgraceful. They promised me a $172 refund a month ago. Can’t get any response other than “Do you have any questions?” Customer service is horrible. If your advertising doesn’t work
    , don’t expect any refunds

  3. I’m on the verge of trying this, but am still confused on a few issues. Do you HAVE to run the ad for a month? I only want to run for a couple of days. Also, why does it say:

    “Warning: Your daily budget may be a little high.
    We’re probably not going to be able to deliver that many clicks per day.
    To get more clicks you could broaden your targeting.”

    It’s not even a high budget like $5 a day. Of course that would be high if I wanted to do it for a month. Back to the can you do less than a month ad?


    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • Matthew Iden

      Hi Tam – It’s been a while since I’ve run my GR ads, but my guesses would be:

      a) You can choose to have your ad end on a specific date or when the money in your budget runs out. By that logic, I would assume that you wouldn’t have to run the ad for a minimum of a month because you could make either of the conditions preclude that.

      b) I’m less sure about the “Warning” issue. Is your genre or author targeting very, very narrow? That seems to me the only way you would not be able to get all of your clicks in at a low budget, since they have to be fair to all advertising authors.

      Having said all that, I must admit that GR ads did close to nothing for me. I’ve found 3rd party ads through Bookbub, Kindle Nation Daily, and Fussy Librarian to be much more effective.

  4. thewriterentrepreneur

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