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men.reading.booksIf you’re looking for a great review blog that gives you thoughtful, cogent summaries of books you probably want to read, check out Men Reading Books.

MRB does a nice job of giving a quick overview with a succinct, honest critique…sometimes with a little advice (like which book to start in a series or how to get to know an author with multiple books out) thrown in for free.

Another refreshing angle: MRB doesn’t appear to participate in affiliate programs, so they’re not “chasing” only the popular titles in order to generate the greatest click-income. So there are plenty of older titles in the mix along with new books they just happen to like…the best kind of review blog.

The site goes back to 2009, too, so if your TBR pile is getting low (and you’ve read the latest Marty Singer book, of course!), then this is a great way to get a lead on a new reading obsession.

My prediction: Best Music Video, 2014. :)



Addendum: If you liked the video, you have to check out the blog post on how it was made by the one-man shop who created it, Jarrett Heather.

IDEN_TWF_72dpi_175X123pxIt’s finally here! The Wicked Flee (Marty Singer #5) is live on (almost) every major digital bookseller. Even better news…it’s $.99 for a limited time!

Only Barnes & Noble is dragging its feet, but I expect it to be up soon. Otherwise, it’s ready and waiting for you!






The Description
A late-night knock on his door pulls retired DC homicide detective Marty Singer out of a sound sleep and drops him into a desperate hunt to find Lucy Rhee, the kidnapped sister of his friend, Chuck Rhee. With no clues, no leads, and almost no hope, they’ve only got guts and instinct to discover where The Wicked Flee…and save Lucy before she’s gone forever.

singI feel reasonably well-informed about the recent Hachette-Amazon fracas, as I should be—my sales through Amazon represent a substantial portion of my income as a writer and any event that might adversely affect the ‘Zon affects me. I peruse the Gaughrans, Howeys, and Konraths of the indie world with enthusiasm and often break into a rendition of “Do You Hear the People Sing” while sitting at my desk after reading one of their blog posts.

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Hilarious post from His Irreverence, Russell Blake.

Everything You’ve Read About Hachette vs. Amazon Is Wrong.

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

boomLast Friday we were treated to a story from the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times, where Tony Horwitz claimed “I Was A Digital Bestseller” then complained about how little money this made him, and how he would now stick with traditional, print publishers as a result.

Then this Op-Ed was held up – in outlets like Gawker – as another example of how writers have it so tough in this scary new digital world which is going to lead us all into penury.

Just like the story I wrote in January – Fake Controversy Alert: Hitler’s Mein Kampf Was Not A Digital Bestseller – the key “fact” in Horwitz’s tale of woe doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Can you guess what it is?


Tracker1Boomwas published on January 29 this year. According to KND’s Tracker, before the Op-Ed, the highest rank it achieved in the…

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bwhirlMy wife recently received a call from someone from asking for me. They wanted to talk about my “book” and marketing plans they could offer. My wife said she’d take their number, pass it on to me, and get back to them if we were interested. The caller was polite, spoke decent English, and didn’t push.

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