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I write crime fiction, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and contemporary literary fiction with a psychological twist. I’m probably best known as the author of the Marty Singer hard boiled detective novels–A Reason to Live, Blueblood, One Right Thing, The Spike, and The Wicked Fleeall of which frequently rank in Amazon’s Top 100 for Hard Boiled Detective and Mystery fiction. The series is published by Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer.

An eclectic resume–I’ve held jobs with the US Postal Service, international non-profit groups, a short stint with the Forest Service in Sitka, Alaska and time with the globe-spanning Semester at Sea program–has given me inspiration for short stories and novel ideas, while trips to Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica haven’t hurt in the creative juices department, either.

I currently live in Alexandria, Virginia—near enough to the woods to keep my sanity, close enough to the Beltway to lose it.

Please get in touch…you can find a number of ways to do that on my Contact page.

The Marty Singer Series

My “flagship” novels follow Marty Singer, a fifty-something retired homicide cop from Washington DC who, when not helping friends or righting wrongs, is dealing with a cancer diagnosis and a rocky love life. I find the idea of writing a believable protagonist taking on realistic challenges inspiring—and Marty’s wry sense of humor helps put things in perspective while delivering some comic relief.

Each Singer book is a standalone mystery, but you may get more enjoyment watching Marty’s life change over time by reading the books in order.

The Marty Singer detective series:
A Reason to Live
One Right Thing
The Spike
The Wicked Flee

All of the books are available digitally and paperback on all major retailers. A Reason to Live, Blueblood, and One Right Thing are currently available as audiobooks as well (my BOOKS page has links).

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About the Blog

I enjoy talking about and discussing the craft of writing: what works, what doesn’t, who’s exploring the edges of it. Some of it may be navel gazing, but since I’ve already had my fill of academic discussions in the past, I’m usually more interested in straight-talk about writing and literature that works and speaks to me.

If you feel the same way (and can put up with the occasional rant or technical discussion about epublishing–the field I’m in), then please join in.