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    I’m not a procrastinator by nature. I have other flaws–both as a writer and an person. I agree with Matt–writing means you are writing. One of my favorites gifts came from my little great niece. She had digested that I was a writer and gave me a gift (from the dollar store) of a set of pens. She figured that since I was a writer I needed something to write with. I treasure those pens and only have lost half of them.

    Ars Scribendi,
    (The Art of Writing)

    Roberto “James” Christiano.

  2. Hi James – Good to hear from you. I love the story of your great niece’s gift. Kids have such a direct way of saying things. No dissembling, no procrastination. You want to be a writer? Well, here are some pens…now go and write something!

  3. Nice essay. I’d add one more thing… a writer needs a goal. For some, it is truly simply writing… with no thought or expectation of publishing, but the burning need to put thoughts and views on the computer or in a journal. I count those folks as writers as well. If the goal is publication… well, one way to learn the craft is to read those rejection slips and to get into a good critique group with folks a bit better than you… and to learn from their feedback. Not to necessarily take as the Gospel every word they say, but to consider what they say. Because, at the end of the day, to be a published writer isn’t about what we write… it’s about what readers read.

  4. Hi Mel – Thanks for stopping by! I count those folks as writers, too…if they’re actually getting those thoughts and dreams down on paper. It’s the procrastination that kills, no matter what your goals. I’ve known some people who *could* write for pleasure but they end up never writing at all, because they think they’re waiting to write for publication…a really weird feedback loop, I know, but one that keeps them from doing either. That’s gotta stop. 🙂

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