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  1. great points about doing the best one can, and not being able to please everyone matthew

    i think the only think i can add is, if the cashier (being the rep of the business, though i as a customer have tried to to “some” success) – had simply emphasized with you, ie –

    “i’m sorry, i know how you feel; yes, you’d think all this would be connected between the stores now, i’m so sorry…”

    it was “her” job to keep you as a customer for the business paying her their money, and part of that job is dealing with customers to at least try and keep them

    now, i don’t know off-hand, i need more coffee, how this might apply to our writing efforts, but i’m sure it does somehow 😉

    great points matthew, thanks!

    btw, that cashier did suck 😉

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