1. Anonymous

    A complicated issue for sure. We writers get stuck with these rules in writing class and they are not always true. A lot of 19th century writers told us quite a bit–Tolstoy and George Elliot come to mind. They didn’t show us. However, they didn’t tell us everything. You always have an element of mystery. It’s often a question of what to tell and what not to, what to show and what not to.

    Roberto “James” Christiano

  2. Thanks for stopping by, James. I agree, the “old masters” have much to teach us about craft.

    I think what puzzles me is that, in this age of 10 second attention spans, most of the reading public wants 450 page catalogs of the kind I mention in the post. You’d think that flash fiction (or at least hard-hitting, tightly-plotted short novels) would be more in demand.

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