1. “there is a tremendous sense of freedom and accomplishment in simply seeing one’s work available in the wider world. You can’t publish crap, but if you’ve agonized over it for this long, chances are you’re conscientious enough to have written something worth reading….” – well said 😉

    • Thanks, Adan. I didn’t really believe this when a friend (who epub’d a year before I did) told me that…but it’s true.

      There’s a temptation to get wrapped up in the numbers and cry the blues when you’re not making Joe Konrath-style money on your ebook sales, but I can tell you the minute I hit “Publish” on Smashwords and Amazon, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I had chosen a path (can’t go trad pub with the same piece, of course) and I ran with it. Best move I’ve made writing so far!

      • we gotta give it our shot 😉

        read your second short via my phone, “possession” – kinda spooky, in a good way 😉

        almost wished the last third when she was in the basement might’ve extended a bit, but nice piece too

        hopefully get to the third short soon

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