1. Matt …. glad to see you have a balanced view of Amazon. A post by another author with a more indepth view of Amazon. I have mixed views on KDP Select, but believe in Amazon as a distribution channel.


    • Hi Ron – Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to hear another voice of moderation.

      I think the people claiming it’s time to “boycott Amazon” or other such nonsense are tying their trunk to the tail of the elephant in front of them. Amazon is a successful global company that’s going to do the best for themselves and their shareholders…no more,no less. To vilify it for doing that is myopic and juvenile.

      Following it over a cliff is also silly. What they’ve done to IPG isn’t a good sign and, frankly, I’m not very comfortable with the exclusivity of KDP Select, which is why I support Smashwords. There’s a very good reason that competition in the marketplace is a good thing.

      As someone on Passive Voice commented, “Fire is a good servant, but a poor master” (referring to Amazon). I think they were correct. As long as our goals are aligned, that’s great…but let’s keep the buckets of water handy!

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