1. matthew, i’ve gone ahead and “liked” this right off, cause this is a subject i’ve been wanting to know more about, and from glancing at your sub-headings etc, this looks really interesting to me; will post again after reading (later today i hope!) –


    • Hi Adan – Thanks so much. I hope the posts help; the process is quite easy, but I’ve only touched on some of the topics. If you see something you want me to dig a little deeper on, please let me know and I’ll post.

      • i will matthew, thanks!

        dpi etc i know, it’s just a matter of reading your post then seeing what else i might need

        one, and maybe you’be covering it, is the double page thing, i use Pages from apple, and so my one inch borders are set etc

        so i guess, for now, would i have to change all my 72 dpi digital images to 200 or 300 dpi?

        and, it sounds like it’s worth the work, but having a hard copy sounds truly worth doing?

        anyway, more later, i’ve needed to re-do my posts on my site for various reasons, and it’s taking me a bit 😉

        thanks matthew, talk w/you more later, this is a valuable post you’ve put up, thanks again

  2. Yeah, I think anyone who is serious about promoting their work should definitely get their books into print one way or another. The trade paperback of my novella The Painted Darkness was published just about a month ago and has moved 241 units since then. That’s $700+ in royalties in addition to the eBook sales. Not bad considering how easy it was to take the hardcover files and reformat them for CreateSpace’s requirements for the trade paperback.

      • 90% of those sales are because I made arrangements to sign any copies ordered in the first 10 days. I haven’t had a chance to do much else yet, but I’m hoping to build from there with my other backlist titles I’ll be getting out there this spring and summer!

  3. One other thought on the topic of covers: if you’re not comfortable with making your own, or you recognize that you don’t have the skills to make a professional looking cover, there are MANY skilled designers out there and they’re not as expensive as you might fear. A great cover is very important to selling your book, so don’t just skimp on this step.

    For example, your covers, Matthew, are great. Very professional and definitely enticing. 🙂

    • Hey, Brian. Thank you! I have about 15 years of web design work behind me, but I wouldn’t call myself a graphic designer, so was a bit nervous doing them myself. I appreciate the compliment!

      RE: signing your copies. That is a cool promo idea. So did you have them shipped to your home, then pay for shipping post-autograph?

      • For the signed copies of The Painted Darkness, I arranged for my usual publisher (full disclosure: also my day job) to offer them for 10 days. The book was offered on the website like any other book from “another” publisher since I’m self publishing my trade paperbacks, and I posted a note on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to point readers toward the product page.

        There was a collector’s hardcover edition of the book in 2010 that sold out very quickly, and I’ve always wanted to self publish my own edition of something, so this seemed like a good place to start. I was very happy with how things went with CreateSpace, so I’ll definitely be using them for the rest of my backlist.

  4. okaaay, finally read what i knew was a short part one post, but wanted to be able to sit and absorb the information

    # 1 to stick out at me, 80% of sales are still print, wow, actually WOW 😉

    and, i like the links to other info

    looking fwd to part 2

    i guess i’m finally “almost” ready to spend a the learning curve time to prepare and format an initial work for CS

    there are still a few works from the 90s i need to digitize into ebooks, but i can feel i have a chunk that’s representative of my poetry and photography (the fiction will still need to wait a bit)

    the part i suspect will be most time consuming for me, is reformatting my photoshop files into the needed dpi etc – i’ve a “lot” of images, and some ebooks are photo-poem books

    also, i can convert to word from pages or openoffice, but not gonna buy a word doc program right now

    all in all, perfect timing of this article for me i think! yay! 😉 thanks matthew

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