1. Hi Matthew,
    Great website,
    Reviewing other authors books is a great idea and I’ve started doing it myself regularly. I prefer to review indie authors and specialize in historical fiction, although I will review other genres. I find that reviewing gives you practice in putting a lot of thoughts into a small space. My personal weakness is that I don’t like to be critical and tend to look for and emphasize the positive qualities in a fellow author’s work. As a fledgling author, one published book, and one in the writing stage, I plan to download your beginners guide. I need all the advice I can get. I also look forward to reading some of your fiction, and, indeed, reviewing them on Goodreads and Amazon.

    • Hi Robin – Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for stopping by. I’ve found critiquing other authors’ works a really helpful way to get my writing engine primed, though I think I fall on the other side of the line from you and unfairly rip some authors when they could use a little bit of charity on my part. 🙂

      I’ve tried to lighten up and give the benefit of the doubt more frequently, but coming to a mature, even-keeled assessment of a work–neither too critical nor too complimentary–is also a skill that needs work and practice to become honed. I truly believe the more you write in this vein, the better you become at both future critiques and your own writing (I try to follow one of my literary heroes, Graham Greene, in this).

      Best of luck to you in your own writing. If you read any of my work, including Telling Your Tale, I’d love to hear what you think!

      • I read Telling Your Tale and found the advice very good. I will have to read it another time or two to really absorb everything and it is one thing to read the advice an another to put it into practice, but I’ll try.
        I think you are right that it take practice to find the balance between too kind and too mean. I sent my book to one blogger and he turned out to be a curmudgeon so it made me a little shy. The few professional reviews I’ve had were much kinder. I will definitely read one of your fiction books and let you know what I think.

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