1. Excellent post, as always.

    I’ve been using Evernote for a couple of months now and I concur with everything you said above. I specifically love that you can sync content between various devices and I have found the clipper to be a useful tool when I do research. I use Scrivener to write and lay out the story, but Evernote contains all my research. It is so easy to clip a selected paragraph or a whole webpage when you’re on a site that contains information you want to keep for reference. I have whole pages saved this way along with highlighted paragraphs and quotes, and the ability to use tags ensures that you don’t drown in a sea of data.

    I’ve now opened a notebook for blog entries too. It makes sense to use Evernote for this purpose and here tagging will also come in handy.

    • Thanks, Woelf. I’ve heard great things about Scrivener…that may be my next curiosity-inspired tech review. And I really need to use Evernote to its greatest potential. Right now, I have to admit I’m using it as Notepad on steroids with synching, but I know it can do much, much more, as you allude.

      Hmmm…re: blogging, i wonder if WordPress will consider a widget for Evernote for auto-blogging. That way you could write the blog over several devices, then publish with a single click from Evernote…or is that already there and I’m dumb? 🙂

      • Not that I am aware. It allows for sharing, but only to Facebook, twitter and email. Maybe they will bring something in later. You can however export your note in HTML, so maybe there are some possibilities there, maybe too Dropbox?

  2. I’ll have to check it out–but not sure if I’m ready to be that organized yet. I use Dropbox for everything and have been quite happy with that. But the tagging feature sounded handy.

    • Hey Char — I would really encourage you to check it out. It’s free and, wow, are there a lot of features for $0.00. Dropbox is nice, too, but not quite the same niche IMHO…great for file storage across devices, but less so for on-the-go writing.

    • Hi Patricia – Thanks for stopping by and the kinds words about the article. I can’t believe I’m coming so late to Evernote…seems like the best kept secret!

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