• LOL, thanks Stan, but no worries there. SoK was at #349,776 two days ago and I imagine it will dip back down there once the buzz from the sale lets up.

      But it’s a great example of what good promotion will do…I’ve been planning this sale for 2 weeks now and put in several hours of work promoting it in advance. I’ll do an analysis for everyone after the 6 day sale is over.

      • Will do and thanks, I’m glad the CS guide helped. Print can still be a bear.

        BTW, I just read recently (Dean Wesley Smith’s blog) that independent booksellers HATE it when books don’t have a price permanently on the cover, as buyers don’t believe them when they say “10% off” or “$2.00” off when they have nothing to compare it to.

        Something to think about when designing your (back) cover…consider putting your price on it.

  1. Good stuff, Matthew. Congratulations. Your marketing campaign brought movement and with that movement you created awareness. For a long term game, I’d say it paid off beautifully.

    • Thank you, Woelf. I’m very interested to see how Seven Into The Bleak will do with the ramp up promotions of the other two stories preceding it. Your help was instrumental in getting Seven published…many thanks again.

  2. Congratulations!
    Just read SoK and loved it…all over a bit quickly in some ways, as you have the start of something special there (like a series/trilogy!). SoK is a baeutifully complete story that leaves with more questions…
    OK…must feed me & the cats, but the reviews will follow

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