1. Re: To Price or Not to Price?

    I’m in around 10 indie bookstores now, and have no price on my back cover (or anywhere else on the book). While some store owners were surprised I didn’t have a price on the cover, it wasn’t an issue for any of them. These were all in the UK and Ireland – I have no idea if it’s more of an issue in the US.

    • Hey Dave – Great to see you. Hope you’re adjusting to life in London just as millions of visitors arrive to gum up the works. 🙂

      Yours is an interesting perspective, and it’s good to hear that some booksellers are flexible on the pricing thing. DWS’s experience makes it sound as if some bookstore proprietors were ready to toss the books on the street when they didn’t have prices on the back.

      I imagine it boils down to how receptive they are to the new face of indie publishing. I think I remember you saying that one store owner you approached simply wouldn’t work with you because he didn’t “believe” in indie publishing. Perhaps this is something similar…forward-thinking booksellers will work with authors more closely, overlooking old methods and systems in favor of greater flexibility for both parties.

      • Hey Matthew,

        Still settling in. We had to move house three times before getting somewhere permanent to hang out hats. Accommodation in London is tricky (and the Olympics doesn’t help).

        As for the booksellers, I haven’t had a “no” yet from any I’ve approached. Even the one that was particularly hostile to the idea of self-publishing – and refused to stock Let’s Get Digital as they didn’t want to encourage it – still took a few copies of my historical.

        Biting your lip can be its own reward…

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