1. As a reader, I can say your assumptions about our (well, my) behaviour are pretty close. I tend to start with the top 100 list, and then, depending on time available and how completely I have forgotten the current size of my TBR list, I wander down through the sublists (not found the cat sleuth yet…must check that one out!). Usually a bunch are also on the main list, but those that aren’t (yet) are often little gems!
    Have a great time in France – I’ll wave as you fly over!
    Huge congrats on the sales! Soon, I’ll be able to say I was following you before you became famous 😉

  2. Thanks for the comments and well-wishes everyone, and sorry I haven’t replied lately. Internet access has literally been broken or non-existent everywhere my wife and I have gone (admittedly, we’re also looking at Roman ruins and drinking wine more than we are chasing down T1connections, lol).

    Hope to catch up with you all upon my return!

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