• Thanks, Adan. The picture of the girl on the swing is a royalty- and rights-free photo from Deviantart.com and the background is a picture of the woods near my house–made more haunting with a few filters, of course. The title graphics were a half-accident as I was toying with different filters and masks. Happy accidents are nice.

      Re: price. I’d read at least two articles lately that mentioned that $1.99 is the price where books go to die. Somehow, while it seems fair to price novellas between a short story (usually $.99) and a novel ($2.99 and up), apparently it turns consumers off for some unknown reason. And, to add insult to injury, you don’t get the 70% royalty from KDP for your pains.

      So, I’m going with $.99 for anything under about 10,000 words, 2.99 for anything between 15k – 40k, and $3.99+ for novels. The $2.99 for A Reason to Live is a temporary price break to generate interest in Blueblood.

      • great info on the image, happy accidents and good searching for the free image; and i think both your backyard background and the blurry “finding” in the title are perfect!

        glad you broke the prices down for the size fictions, it strikes me as reasonable and worth a ride on into the holidays!

        are we gonna get a short featuring a recent trip to france? 😉

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