• Awesome, Alan. I’ve done some homework on promoting, but of course it’s all hypothetical until I have a product. Want to powwow one of these days on promo ideas?

    • Hey Tuan – That’s the beauty of it…it’s free. ACX allows two different pay schema for the author to narrator: paying up front traditionally or doing a royalty split on future earnings. I explain the process and decision in Part I, so you may want to check it out. Long story, short though: my only cost is my own time and then whatever I decide to spend promoting the final product.

      This isn’t as no-brainer as it might sound at first–you’re giving up 50% of your royalties essentially for life–but to hire Lloyd outright would’ve cost me more than $5,000 for one book, possibly as much as $10k. To get great talent and dodge the financial hit, I was happy to give up the future royalties…though I might sing a different tune if/when my books become bestsellers! 😉

  1. This is really good information, but I missed your first post on this. Who is Lloyd and where did you find him? Also, I don’t see where to find your previous post.

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