1. Kim

    Can’t wait for more….you have me hooked!!! I come from South Florida where there are no subways but your description of the subway sounds and smells took me right back to my trip to NYC last year! I was totally there on the platform with all the characters! What a great read!

    • Kim – So sorry for the late reply! It seems I can only do one kind of social media at a time: I’ve been glued to Facebook, trying to engage readers there and totally whiffed on my blog!

      Thanks for writing and letting me know you liked the excerpt. What part of South FL do you live in? My mother-in-law lives half the year in Venice and I did a book signing down there last year that she was kind enough to put together.

  2. Linda tamburrino

    I got “blue blood” for free on amazon, loved it so much I bought “reason to Live” and now I’m buying “one right thing”. I love Marty and even more, I love your writing. You reel me in at the beginning and I’m hooked till the end. Can’t wait for “spike”.

    • Hi Linda – sorry for writing back so late. Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed Blueblood. Sounds like reading them out of order wasn’t too confusing…that’s good to know. I always wanted the books to be mostly stand-alone stories. Hope you like The Spike!

  3. Ralph Rowland

    Marty, I was in DC last May and used the Metro to get around. The opening of your story took me back to that time of waiting for the train, whether orange, blue or whatever. Thanks for the “memory”. As for the opening gambit of your new book, again, thanks. I expect only the best from you (that from reading the other 3 Singer books) and you are delivering–again. It will be great story, I just know it. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Ralph! Thanks for reaching out and for supplying the encouragement…boy, I can really use it about now. I see the light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak, given Chapter One!) and hope to have this puppy off to my editor in just 2 weeks.

      Glad you liked the memory of Metro. I had to take it every day for four years to get to work…believe me, the bad parts of the excerpt were from the heart! But it actually is one of the more amazing public transportation systems I’ve been on and I couldn’t live near DC without it. I hope Metro doesn’t revoke my annual pass if they ever read this…


  4. Lyn

    Just started reading the Marty Singer books two weeks ago and finished #3. Love the character(s) and story lines. Can’t wait for #4. The preview makes it look like it’s going to be another winner. When will it be out?

    • Hi Lyn – Thanks! I’ve had a great time putting these storylines together and get impatient sometimes, because I have plans for almost all of the characters you’ll have met in them…but that’s for future books.

      I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on The Spike this week, send it off to the editor, wait the 1-2 weeks for the turnaround, then tackle it again. It’ll be chronically late, but my hope: mid to late October. If it’s any consolation, #5 is outlined 🙂

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