1. Though there’s huge ramifications that’ll come out of this, and both narrators and authors are understandably spooked (I am!), the immediate concern is exactly what you point out here :

    “(more interesting) Audio books started before March 12 will also retain the old royalty schema. The message here? If you were thinking of putting your book into audio, get busy! It’s more than possible to submit your book to ACX, accept auditions, pick a narrator, and agree to a contract (i.e., starting the audio book) before 3/12/14.”

    ie, get your book listed, get the 3 min audition, make the offer, and have it accepted, by the deadline change –

    It’s also interesting, and important Matthew, that the ACX post says,

    “If you make an offer before March 11 at 11:59PM ET, and that offer is accepted before it expires, your book will earn royalties beginning at 50%, escalating up to 90%. If your offer is not accepted, cancelled, or terminated at a later time, the new royalty rate will apply.”

    ie, make the offer before March 11, 1159pm ET, and make sure it’s accepted before the offer expires –

    So, for me, if I thought I was busy already… 😉

    Glad you posted this right away Matthew, very very important!

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