1. I don’t blame you one bit. You made a smart business decision. Too many people don’t investigate an issue, they just jump on the bandwagon because it is the PC thing to do. I love Marty, keep on writing!

  2. Shame you even had to say anything, when they paid all your bills than they can say something, until that time,they can check their so called facts before they open their mouths .

  3. Cecil Harper

    Great read..enjoyed it..I am retired..on a budget and read a lot..99% of books on kindle..Prices are great..some of the authors{like yourself}..are great..Marty Singer series are one “if not the best series I have read”…Thank You,Cecil Harper

  4. Ralph Rowland

    I read the artice and although I must say that I don’t have a dog in that fight, your third personal reason for staying with Amazon hit home with me.
    I’ve read hundreds of books on Amazon, 80 or so of which I’ve done a review. Without Amazon I would not have been introduced to you and Marty Singer. That would have a loss.
    So, keep on writin’ and I’ll keep on readin’ and reviewin’.
    Ralph Rowland

  5. sherry Gilbert

    I for one am very glad you went with Amazon. They are a great company. And I would like to say “Stealing Sturgis” was a great book but you need to get back to Marty. OK

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