1. Alex

    Matthew, I enjoyed your Marty Singer series. You write well and entertainingly. And, I so appreciate good grammar. You manage to utilize a comfortable story telling style for the main character but obviously have a clue about parts of speech and anatomy of language and syntax. Too many authors try the e-book publishing and obviously love to write – but once you get past all the basic elements of good story telling — too many missed out on basic English composition and grammar and it makes such a difference to enjoying the story’s journey.

    Thanks for this series. Are you working on more?

    • Hi Alex – Thanks so much for your kind words. I fear my grammar skills still need honing–crime fiction, with its slang and verbal shortcuts, isn’t the place to practice, unfortunately! But I try to keep my skills sharp.

      I’m definitely at work on more Marty Singer novels. The Wicked Flee (#5), in fact, should be out in just a few weeks. There are just a few rounds of editing to get through and it should be available. If you sign up for the newsletter (http://eepurl.com/rQTE1) you’ll not only get advance notice about its publication, you’ll also get a free Marty Singer short story. 🙂

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