1. Gavin

    As a reader I can confirm that Librarything giveaways and early reviewers are great. They have introduced me to several new authors, authors that I would have never heard of without Librarything, and I’ve gone on to buy their other works. Every book I read from the giveaways gets a review ( some good some bad but I make sure I review every book, to me that is my contract with the author for the free book, which I don’t tend to do with purchased books unless they particularly stand out in some way )

    Since getting a Kindle the only books I have purchased, so far, are from authors who have participated in the giveaways or early reviewers and I have found some fantastic authors ( yes Matthew you are one of them ).

    It is a great way to get your work out to a wider audience.

  2. this is great information matthew, thanks!

    i’ve been experimenting with a couple of titles on amazon’s select program, and this gives me another option with some of my other work, thanks!

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