1. hi, matthew, can you post a link to the LT project that would say how it works etc?

    opps, just saw your link to your prev post on this on dec 5th and have liked it to re-find it 😉

    sounds really interesting, thanks!

    • Thanks, Kaye! I’m having fun with it. It’s a great way to contact with potential readers and fans in a proactive way. I’ve had some nice email banter with several of the LT Giveaway winners; they’ve been universally grateful and the nice reviews don’t hurt, either!

  2. […] Giving books away is still one of the best promotional tools available to authors (see my post Give It Away for strategies and a list of sites where you can list your free ebooks). The difference with Goodreads, however, is that they don’t officially support ebook giveaways, only print copies. Librarything does both, which makes it a great tool for the budding self-promoter, but Goodreads almost certainly has the edge in readership, so smart cookies will obviously try to do both (see my experiences with Librarything giveaways: Part I and Part II). […]

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