1. big big congrats matt 😉

    can you say how you figured out which site (ereadernewstoday) it was that gave you such a big boost?

    either way, here’s wishing you all the best with continued efforts 😉

    • Hi Adan! Thanks for your well-wishes.

      I had a tough time finding who my benefactor was. To be honest, I simply trawled the sites I had submitted THREE SHORTS to and combed through their “Free Kindle Books” sections until I found it.

      ereadernewstoday.com was a little harder than most because the individual emails where your book might be mentioned are listed as separate webpages. As I mentioned, mine was just one of five or six emails and there are six or so books per email, so it took a while! I’m still impressed anybody found me, let alone 3,500 anybodies… 🙂


    • Hi Elizabeth –

      Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to experiment with KDP Select using my story Sword of Kings and had to yank it from both Wattpad and Scribd to comply with Select’s no-compete clause.

      I still think it’s a good idea to test the waters at Wattpad. But what I noticed (no surprise) is that Wattpad is a very social site and success there probably depends on getting involved in groups, with other authors, and contributing to discussions. I’m already doing that on many other sites and promo efforts and couldn’t justify the time…and without it, the numbers didn’t work for me. In several weeks on Wattpad I had under 100 reads. In a two day Select sale I had 417 downloads.

      I think there’s definitely a sweet spot of previous exposure, genre, and length combined with effort on the site that would really work for authors (DC scifi writer Bill Gourgey has 1.6 million reads of his work, David Gaughran has 500k, I think). I’ll be trying it again soon…I may put it back up there after the 90 days on Select (though i’ll be starting over..you have to delete your story to remove).

      Thanks for asking and noticing, though…I thought I was the only one who even knew my story was taken down!

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