1. Hi some great advice, thank you, I have a question for you, I have printed with create space and Kindled, but my printed book is only available in America, I live in the UK so it makes it expensive for me to purchase here because of freight, do you know any way I can get the print version onto Amazon UK?
    MRS T()G

    • Hi Mrs.Tog – Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have experience with CreateSpace UK, but a quick search on the CS Forum (https://www.createspace.com/en/community/message/158704?tstart=0) turned up this recent post:

      “Three steps:
      1. Use a UK ISBN
      2. Pay for EDC
      3. List your book with Nielson’s PubWeb.

      Your book will then be available from amazon.co.uk and not third party sellers. If you have a US ISBN or a CS one and you opt into EDC it will in all likelihood appear sold by third party sellers.”

      This may not help with the basic cost of shipping for you to get your own copies (I don’t know if Amazon UK has printers there), but at least it would put the burden of shipping on your customers and not you.

      I hope that helps. If you find more, please share!

      Also, if you liked this post, please spread the word using the “Share This” social media links. It helps me justify spending the time to write and research these articles. Thanks!

  2. matthew, is your proof a hard copy? if so did you have to pay for it?

    thanks, gonna have to try this out soon, you’ve made me feel i might be able to pull it off 😉

    i wouldn’t be using word though, so gotta see if that’ll be a problem, though pages does convert to word, but always with some “weird” elements 😉

    • Hi Adan! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn’t answer your questions on Part I…I knew I’d be addressing many of them with Part II.

      Re: the proof. Yes, this is a hard copy. It’s a traditional part of the publishing process because it’s the last chance to catch errors in the “real thing”.

      The cost is minimal: ONE BAD TWELVE is 226 pages and they only charged me $7 USD for it, including shipping (slow, though…10 day turn around. You have an option to rush ship, but the price climbs, obviously). I will be able to buy copies of my own book “at cost” for $3.50–neither Amazon nor I make royalties off of author-ordered copies.

      Re: using Word vs. Pages – CreateSpace accepts .rtf and .pdf for your original submission, and those are “agnostic” file formats that give you control over your formatting, so stick with those and you should be fine!

      • wonderful! pages converts to both formats really well (epub too) –

        liked your suggestions too regarding eye candy, to keep the b&w cost basis

        i’m assuming the color cover doesn’t make a book a “color” book? but remains b&w if mostly print and graphics like you suggested?

        i need to sign up with CS, doesn’t look like my kdp login works there, but i’m gonna call them first, so i won’t end up with too many logins 😉

        thanks matthew

      • Hey Adan, that’s great, glad Pages is so versatile. I know on the PC side, many self-pubbers prefer Open Office to Word. I like OO a lot, but just trained to use Microsoft products, I guess, lol.

        As far as I know, no, a color cover does not take you from the B&W category to color. Only interior color (think photos and color charts and graphs) do.

        And, yes, I meant to mention: your KDP and (I believe) your Amazon logins don’t convey to CS…you’ll need a new one.

  3. Great posts on using Createspace, Matt! I do agree that Createspace is an easy option for someone wanting to make print copies available to readers. I have always made more money and found more readers with my ebook versions, but did go the Createspace route for publishing paperback copies of my mystery series. I admit, however, that I pay formatters for both inside copy and covers. For me, the time it would take to learn the ins and outs of doing it myself could have been spent writing. Ultimately, it costs me about $200.00 for all of the formatting, and I make that back in royalties within a couple of months. Since I don’t look to my paperbacks for the major source of my income, it’s worth it to me. Either way – whether do-it-yourself or pay someone else – I think Createspace is a great option.

    • Hey Karen! Great to hear the other side of things and I think you’re correct. If you don’t have the professional background or time + interest to learn the in’s and out’s of formatting and graphic work, you’re almost certainly better off hiring someone else to do it. There are great freelancers out there who can do this in their sleep and $200 is a small price to pay for professional help.

      And, as you did, I would recommend those that hire out still use CreateSpace…tell your designer to go through the steps for you. The workflow, sales and royalty reporting, and integral linking to your ebook titles through Amazon are benefits you don’t want to give up.

  4. Thanks for the inside info, Matt. I’m hoping to be walking this path in the next few months, myself. Is there a limit to the number of author copies you can order?

    • Hey, obi, thanks for stopping by. I don’t believe there’s a limit, no. The proof is usually a single copy (I.e., in case you made a mistake), but if I recall correctly, even there CS lets you order as many as you want (I imagine to let you get several proofreaders in on the action).

      Charging “at cost” for member copies is quite a nice feature of CS, as you can order a bunch at just a few bucks per copy for signings and giveaways. And the more you order, the lower the shipping cost.

  5. matthew, i “finally” got through the process of having my file pass the initial viewer on createspace 😉 only took me three days 😉

    oh, i use my own images for covers, and quite a few pre-structured templates were available, and one can upload tiff or jpg images at 300 dpi for use

    i had determined ahead of time i would use the pre-structured options, but found they had more than enough configurations, including where you can use the whole front for your image, choose the color of the spin and back, etc – nice!

    and as an aside and kudos to createspace, i did finally give in and call once for help, and was grateful for a very patient, easy to follow young lady that took me through several sections where i couldn’t find where to finalize my product and have the whole package finally ready for review

    and especially a big thanks to you young man, your three part series on createspace finally got me over the hump to go get mine done too 😉 thank you 😉

    • That’s great, Adan! Congrats. I’m glad you found the series helpful. I think the best thing is that the learning you put into CreateSpace on this first project is going to keep helping you down the road. The process will just keep getting easier and easier for you with each successive title; pretty soon, putting out the print edition of one of your books will be a snap. 🙂

      • i’m counting on that 😉

        ps – literally just got my email from createspace saying my proof is being mailed!

        ps ps – i guess i do have a followup question matthew : i started each new chapter on the right side page –

        and did the same with my final word segment, section on other available titles, and other back matter, do you think that’s ok, or does it matter at all if the back matter sections start on the left or right side?

        anyways 😉 thanks again 😉

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