1. matthew, great info! glad you put the link to lindsay’s article too, am reading that next

    what are your thoughts re having a book free always (maybe a series vol 1 type) vs all the small promotions

    i know too, i’ve been guilty more than once of doing my notifications a day or two before a sale, yea, not good 😉

    thanks matthew!

    • Hey Adan! Thanks for hanging out. Regarding always having a book free, I’ll defer to Lindsay’s approach, which is to only do it if you have a series to tempt readers into committing to the whole enchilada, but if that’s the case, then DEFINITELY do it. It seems to be working well for her, even over-and-above her advertising efforts.

      I also can’t stress enough how helpful it is to be picked up by one of the free sites (which means planning ahead and contacting them early). ereadernewstoday.com ran my collection THREE SHORTS out of the blue. Until that point, I’d given away 500 copies in a month; in about 48-72 hours, I had 3,500 more downloads. I can’t say this translated into sales, but I’m after exposure at this point, not bank. 🙂

      • yea, i definitely need to plan much earlier

        ent seems to do a great job, and i’ll sure take any help i can get 😉

        re the free book, i feel i finally have enough to do some free vol 1’s, as each series’ vol 1 is free, one after the other, over the next 4-5 weeks

        wish me luck 😉

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