1. Love these posts. I just finished A Reason to Live. It was great. I’ll have to work on a good review for you and post it when I can sit down for more than a minute.

    • Thanks, Char! I’m so glad you’re getting use out of them. And thanks for the kind words about ARTL. Any review would be very welcome!

      It pained me to do it, but Blueblood is going to be delayed by a few weeks. I sent it off today to copy editor Michael Mandarano (http://michaelmandarano.com/) which will be the last and final editing stage (consisting of dev, line, and ce). I’ll sit down in mid-September to write a long blog post about the process and the benefits of all 3 editing phases. Hope it will help more indies out there!

      • I hear your pain on the delay. My 2nd one is delayed as well and I have one mad sister now. She thinks I should be able to snap it out easily and doesn’t understand how it can take so long. I told her a publisher would have it delayed a whole year. I look forward to your post in September about editing.

    • Hi Moses, no problem and thanks for swinging by. Black God’s War has been catching my eye since I started lurking around Kindleboards last October.

      You’ve really got a stunning and innovative cover, especially for epic fantasy, which I think tends to either illustrations of monumental imaginary landscapes or full body shots of the heroes in action. The somewhat “still” feeling of the beautiful woman and the stark violence of the helm hint that there’s something a little more philosophical about your book than most.

      It doesn’t hurt that the empty helm reminds me of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon chronicles and Arthur series, either. 🙂

      • Nice! And thank you. I’m glad that the cover says, “Something a little different.” Because the book is written that way too. And I think you’re right about the philosophical dimension, too.

        I don’t know if it’s smart to buck the conventions for epic fantasy covers or not, but a lot of people seem to like the cover, so I’m thrilled about that.

      • You’re welcome. Congrats on the win, btw, at IEA and good luck with the sale with the other winners!

        Everyone else – Moses’s Black God’s War is part of a very cool sale announced at David Gaughran’s site: eight winners from this year’s Independent eBook Awards are reducing their books to $.99 for a limited time. Grab your copies…I did!

  2. Hi Matt:

    I’m guilty of not visiting my Goodreads account nearly enough and I just saw your message about using my cover, RIDING FOR THE STARS, as an example for your blog. Thank you so much for this and for your kind words about it. When I saw that photo on the stock site, I knew it was absolutely perfect for the story. All I did was crop it (seriously) because the horse and rider were part of a much larger image. Of all my covers, it was by far the easiest to create.

    Again, my thanks … and my apologies for taking so long to thank you!

    Maggie Dana

    • Hi Maggie – No problem, sometimes I let Goodreads “mail” slip, too. I wish they had an option to forward it…

      What great luck on finding such a wonderful photo! That’s pretty much how I felt about the stock photo for A Reason to Live; it was so right that I couldn’t see any other picture in its place.

      Best of luck and please swing around again!

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