• Hey Brian – I’ll do my best. Some venues are pretty skimpy in terms of their info, but I can give you an impression of how it went.

      BTW, does Cemetery Dance do online or print advertising that’s within self-pubbers’ reach?

      • The magazine ads are pretty affordable, I think, for our 10,000 copy print run of each issue. Drop me a line via email, I can send you all of the details!

        We actually don’t offer online advertising at this time. We’re probably missing the boat there given the number of hits I keep hearing we get every month, but we haven’t had a chance to explore the idea more fully!

  1. I just wanted to check to see if you had time to post an update on your adventures in advertising. We actually just tried promoting one of our $60 signed Limited Editions via Facebook to GREAT results. I was honestly surprised how well it went. We’re promoting two more books right now to lesser results, but there’s still 48 hours to go.

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