1. Matt, thanks for the great review! I’m with Scribl and am happy to answer any questions you, your authors, or your readers may have. I think the Story Elements piece for new content discovery is part of what sets us apart when it comes to new author/new content discovery. This works hand-in-hand with CrowdPricing to make sure that as the # of titles, increase, books are only price-ranked with ever more similar books.

  2. I was considering putting a book up with them, a small one on meditation (25,000 words) that I wouldn’t price over 99c on Amazon, so if I put it with Scribl then, assuming it ever gets to 99c, I’ll get more than I would if I went to Amazon directly. However when I signed up a few days ago, I couldn’t log in. I left a message but haven’t heard back. It’s giving me second thoughts. I did have questions answered from Scrible previously though so I’ll wait a couple of days before giving up and going directly to Amazon. I admit I’m nervous about not having pricing control, but I’m curious to see what will happen with their model.

    I have an audio book ready to upload, so that will certainly go with them. It’s whether to use them for the extended distribution of the ebook or not that I’m unsure of. I thought to try it with this book and see how it goes. Hopefully they’ll get back to me soon and get it sorted out.

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