Men Reading Books

men.reading.booksIf you’re looking for a great review blog that gives you thoughtful, cogent summaries of books you probably want to read, check out Men Reading Books.

MRB does a nice job of giving a quick overview with a succinct, honest critique…sometimes with a little advice (like which book to start in a series or how to get to know an author with multiple books out) thrown in for free.

Another refreshing angle: MRB doesn’t appear to participate in affiliate programs, so they’re not “chasing” only the popular titles in order to generate the greatest click-income. So there are plenty of older titles in the mix along with new books they just happen to like…the best kind of review blog.

The site goes back to 2009, too, so if your TBR pile is getting low (and you’ve read the latest Marty Singer book, of course!), then this is a great way to get a lead on a new reading obsession.