Men Reading Books

men.reading.booksIf you’re looking for a great review blog that gives you thoughtful, cogent summaries of books you probably want to read, check out Men Reading Books.

MRB does a nice job of giving a quick overview with a succinct, honest critique…sometimes with a little advice (like which book to start in a series or how to get to know an author with multiple books out) thrown in for free.

Another refreshing angle: MRB doesn’t appear to participate in affiliate programs, so they’re not “chasing” only the popular titles in order to generate the greatest click-income. So there are plenty of older titles in the mix along with new books they just happen to like…the best kind of review blog.

The site¬†goes back to 2009, too, so if your TBR pile is getting low (and you’ve read the latest Marty Singer book, of course!), then this is a great way to get a lead on a new reading obsession.

Self-Publishers: Do You Need Nurturing?

Nice indie manifesto from JW Manus, incidentally filled with a dozen great links and tips. A mental and emotional shot in the arm that will take the binky out of your mouth and put the pen back in your hand.


A nice interview of self-publishing fantasy success David Dalglish over on David Gaughran’s blog. It includes some nice insights on “hybrid publishing” as well as a harrowing lesson about signing your rights away.