1. Almost all your covers have dark backgrounds and given that the font you use for author’s name remains constant throughout, you have achieved a branding of sorts. This cover, therefore, falls in line with your usual style. Thus, a lesson there in branding for me.

    As for my reaction to the cover, I love it. Pretty vivid and I’m curious about the sliced shield.

    • thanks Woelf! (Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m travelling right now and WiFi is scarce, believe it or not)

      Thanks for the note about branding. I’ve wanted to develop a semi-brooding, dramatic set of covers that will indeed say “Matt Iden wrote this.” But I have to admit, since I do my own covers, black is very easy to work with, too!

      And thanks for noticing the sliced shield…it’s integral to the story, so it tickles me that you noticed it right off.

      I hope to have the first chapter up for sampling in the next week or two (depends on my editor). If you read that, it should begin to make a few things clear…

    • Thanks, Char! I have to admit, I really enjoy making my own covers. It’s now such an integral part of the process for me…I feel I “own” every single bit of my creation. All the blame, all the glory (I hope). 🙂

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