I’m excited to announce that I’ve just published four collections of my short stories on Amazon for the Kindle–with other eReader formats to follow by 1 December. I hope you’ll be kind enough to give my fledgling writing career a boost. Here’s how:

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More Details…
The twelve shorts are broken into four collections–
Three Shorts, Three the Hard Way, Three on a Match, and Three of a Kindof three stories each. Most would be filed under Thriller or Crime Fiction or Psychological Twist, but each collection also has a humorous (okay, darkly humorous) story at the end to leave you chuckling.

Three Shorts [sample | buy]
Enjoy three crooked stories in Three Shorts: a group of Mafia wiseguys sweat it out as they wait to hear who’s snitched on them in Up a Rung; a disturbed woman loses more than her mind in Possession; and a postman’s larcenous streak gets him in a terrible mess just a few days before Christmas in Special Delivery.
Three the Hard Way [sample | buy]
Three ruthless gems come at you here: a couple finds a novel way to stop the foreclosure on their home; a suspenseful chain of letters tells a story of betrayal and violence; and a loving wife decides that killing her husband is the only way to stay alive. Features the stories The Wrong Job, Dead Letter, and An Appalachian Love Story.
Three on a Match [sample | buy] Stay on the edge of your seat as you read tales of revenge and bad-luck: a man tries to recapture his youth and assure his future by murdering his present (The Long Drop); a killer finds victims aren’t always what they seem (Flowers Street); and just how does a professional thief get even when he’s been swindled by a couple of amateurs (A Day at the Beach)?
Three of a Kind [sample | buy]
You’ve been dealt three great stories here: in The Killer, an elderly widow finds the inner strength to protect the last thing she loves from the killer who would take it away; in Sliver a small wound becomes a murderous injury; and Repo Man gives you a glimpse into what happens when a man is pushed to the edge after his identity is stolen.

Don’t have a Kindle? Check out Amazon’s free Kindle Reader apps, available for almost any device, smart phone, and computer imaginable.

Own a Nook, Sony Reader or want to buy through iTunes? All four books will be available for these devices by December 1. If you like, I’ll be happy to let you know via email when they’re available.

Thank you so much! If you have any questions about how I got to this point, or want to chat about the books, reply to this email, give me a shout at, leave a comment on the site, or Tweet me at CrimeRighter.

Thanks again!

p.s. The omnibus collection of all these stories comes out soon…possibly before Thanksgiving! All twelve stories plus the bonus short story Sixteen Steps for $2.99.